Anger Management in Adult Education

Yesterday in California an entire highway was closed as the result of “road rage”. There are daily reports of airport rage, child abuse, spousal abuse, homicide and “dog fighting”. Person and property-directed aggression is not just the “rage” it is a public health epidemic.

Take a look at these stats:
• More than 2 million people are knifed, shot, or otherwise assaulted each year in the United States.
• Physical violence between spouses occurs in 1/3 of all households.
• Each year thousands of children are killed or hurt due to child abuse.
• Cock fighting and dog fighting is now being exposed.

In spite of this increasing societal problem, there are no organized publicly supported efforts to prevent or stem the tide of the expression of unhealthy anger, rage and aggression.

Free anger management classes in community Adult Education

As the leading provider of anger management/ executive coaching in the nation, Anderson & Anderson has been instrumental in assisting in the establishment of anger management classes in two community adult education classes.

In 1998, Grant Union High School (Sacramento, CA.) introduced free anger management classes in its Adult Education School for community residents. The following year, Compton Unified School District introduced the Anderson & Anderson curriculum in its Adult Education Program. (Compton, CA.)

Both of these school districts receive funding from the California State Department of Education. These classes are successful and well received by their respective communities. In spite of this, they have received little media attention and have not been replicated.

Anger management is a cost saving intervention both in terms of money, resources and lives. All school districts should incorporate anger management classes into is adult education programs.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CEAP

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