Anger Management is Skill Based

Like basketball, soccer or any of the sports, anger management is skilled based. Anything which is skill based requires practice and coaching. Regardless of how intelligent a person may be, he or she cannot learn to play any sport without actual practicing in real life situations.

When Shaquille O, Neal was with the Lakers, he had a problem shooting “free throws”. The Lakers hired a special coach to work exclusively with Shaq to address this issue. Shaq was shown and practiced daily how to “bend his knees” when making “free throws”. If Shaq had been told to take an on-line class entitled “how to make free throws in basketball”, there is no chance that he would ever have mastered this skill.

The principle works in learning to manage anger, stress, assertive communication and emotional intelligence. Skills in the above four areas must be mastered by participants in legitimate anger management classes. Therefore, only live classes or individual coaching can effectively teach persons anger management.

On-line anger management classes may or may not teach tips for managing anger like counting to ten or deep breathing. However, anyone who claims to teach “approved on-line anger management classes”, are perpetrating a fraud on unsuspecting consumers. There are no “approved” on-line anger management classes anywhere.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF, CEAP

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