Assertive Communication Skill Enhancement for Anger Management Clients

The Anderson & Anderson anger management curriculum includes four topics which are intimately related to managing anger and stress. These topics are anger management, stress management, assertive communication and emotional intelligence. Learn to combine honestly with emotional intelligence to get more of what you want. 

Assertive people can be honest and forthright while still showing respect for the feelings of others. Their skills and style of communication earn them respect and cooperation at work and in intimate relationships. Anger management training teaches skill enhancement in how to be more open, honest and direct in communication.


  • An assessment at intake
  • Learning to listen with your heart
  • Practicing no-verbal communication
  • Saying what you mean and meaning what you say
  • Dealing with issues in an emotionally intelligent way
  • Styles of communication

To learn more about the Anderson & Anderson anger management classes and executive coaching, visit our website at

George Anderson, MSW, BCD



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