“Me To” Marketing Does Not Work


As I approach my 32nd. year as a successful small business operator, I have found one marketing strategy which doe not work. “Me To Marketing” takes the easy route of simply claiming to do whatever the industry leaders or what everyone else does. It does not distinguish your services or products from others and therefore, it does not offer any reason for clients to do business with you.

 According to Marcia Yudkin, The Marketing Minute, at
http://www.marketingformore.com: “When I was probing a client on what made his business special, he replied, “Actually, I’m just like everyone else. What’s wrong with that? I’ll just be another burger place.”

But with a “me to” presentation and no distinctiveness, your firm becomes harder to remember, harder to recommend and difficult to market in a focused way. Why create such challenges deliberately?” The success of the Anderson & Anderson anger management/executive coaching model is in part, related to its uniqueness. This model is a class, which teaches skills in recognizing and managing anger, stress, assertive communication and enhancing emotional intelligence. It includes an assessment at intake and a post test when the class is completed. 

Our “me to” competitors claim to do every thing which we do without any hint of anything special or different. This approach has little appeal to potential clients.


Yudkin advises: “Instead, select something appealing for customers around which to create your identity. Possibilities are endless.”


George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF, CEAP





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