The Beauty of Emotional Intelligence


The Anderson & Anderson anger management/executive coaching curriculum teaches skill enhancement in the following four areas: anger management, stress management, communication, and emotional intelligence. Each of these holds significant importance, as they are the keys to improving the nature of interactions between people. However, the one that seems to be the most important to master is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (also known as E.Q.) involves the ability to empathize with the person with whom you are having a conflict. Your empathy causes you to behave in a manner that is likely to decrease the level of stress and anger that has initially erupted on the part of the other party. It is also likely to change the method of communication that exists within that exchange at that moment. In other words, both you and the other individual are likely to be more assertive towards one another, and less aggressive.


The beauty of emotional intelligence is that it can also be used to prevent conflict and increase interpersonal relationships. When you make a mistake that causes stress within another individual, that person is likely to confront you on the matter. Regardless of how the individual confronts you, it is very important to assess the situation and respond in such a manner that the likely outcome is positive. A while back, a nervous police officer confronted a gentleman with a speed scanner. The officer nervously explained why he pulled the gentleman over. The gentleman could sense that the officer was extremely jittery. The gentleman explained to the officer that he did not realize how fast he was going, but that he understands why he was pulled over. He also told the officer that “he deserved whatever was coming to him”. The officer, relieved, asked the gentleman to be careful and let him off with a warning.


The gentleman above used emotional intelligence to avoid increasing the stress level of the officer, which more than likely would have led to a very annoying fine. Whatever the situation, it is always best to put aside fight-or-flight tendencies and search for the positive way out of a negative situation. The Anderson & Anderson anger management curriculum teaches skills in improving your emotional intelligence. Whether your emotional intelligence needs improving or is completely impaired, the Anderson & Anderson curriculum will help you master the skills needed in this area.


Rasheed Ahmed

Anderson & Anderson

Anger Management Services



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