Branding your Anger Management Practice

  • Q. What is branding?

    A. Simply put, a brand is a promise. By identifying and authenticating a product or service, branding delivers a pledge of satisfaction and quality. In the case of Anderson & Anderson, the pledge is that all providers 1) have completed 40 hours of training in the Anderson & Anderson curriculum, 2) use the Conover Assessment and the Anderson & Anderson client workbooks, and 3) subscribe to the latest developments in the field of anger management by completing 16 hours of continuing education annually.

    The Conover Anger Management assessment determines a client’s level of functioning in recognizing and managing anger and stress, level of assertive communication, and the degree of emotional intelligence. The Anderson & Anderson curriculum is focused on skills to enhance functioning in these four areas: anger management, stress management, communication and emotional intelligence.

    Q. Why is branding important?

    A. It prevents the danger of being anonymous. Branding provides answers to a lot of clients’ questions, such as:

    • Who are you?
    • What do you sell?
    • How are you different from those offering similar services?
    • Why are you better than your competitors?
    • Why should I enroll in your program?

    A good brand will:

    • Deliver your message clearly
    • Confirms your credibility
    • Connects your target prospects emotionally
    • Motivates the potential client
    • Solidify User Loyalty
    • Branding will create a market advantage
    • Branding will open doors that were formerly closed
    • Branding will make us all more successful

    Q. How can I benefit from supporting the Anderson & Anderson Brand?

    A. Begin by asking yourself why you decided to become an Anderson & Anderson Provider. It is impossible for anyone other than you to answer this question. Here are some possible answers:

    1.  I was instructed to do so by my employer.
    2.  Anderson & Anderson seem to dominate the internet.
    3.  I was impressed with the Anderson & Anderson anger management curriculum.
    4.  It was recommended by a person I respect.
    5.  I did it in order to be credible as a professional anger management provider.
    6.  It is the most recognized model in Canada.
    7.  Using a model that is so well-known and tested through use appealed to me.
    8.  I discovered that the only way to receive court referrals was to use this curriculum.
    9.  I have not been able to make my own model as popular, so I decided to just go  with the best known model.
    10.  When I saw the Postal Service, all California Prisons, major companies, Human  Resource Managers and Doctors accept this model; I was convinced that it was the way to go.
    11.  It is the most trusted curriculum available
    12.  I wanted to be part of an international community of Anger Management providers
    13.  I wanted instant internet presence
    14.  To get access to special offers and discounts (such as the bulk discount on Marketing DVDs
    15.  The training comes from a team with years of Practical Experience in the field of anger management.
    16.  I wanted the opportunity to purchase a Licensing Agreement. is a great case study of a brand developed through affiliate networks. (Equivalent to providers) Amazon benefits and so does its thousands of affiliates who make income from selling products on their websites. Each Anderson & Anderson provider must determine for him or herself if being on the Anderson Provider List and associated blogs and websites is worth the investment.

    For some, it may be best to consider developing your own competing model. For others, we ask that you join us in increasing the international market share of anger management/executive coaching through consistent branding of this unique model.

    What is expected of each provider?

    Each provider should have a website. A clear and unmistakable explanation of the Anderson & Anderson curriculum must be provided on each website. Some examples are listed below:

    The Conover Assessment and the Anderson & Anderson client workbooks must be used for each client.

    All training/recertification requirements must be kept current. Monthly provider listing fees must be kept current.

    All providers are expected to market their own websites as well as the entire provider network.

    Regardless of why you’ve chosen to become an Anderson & Anderson certified provider, you have become associated with its brand. The more you help that brand to grow, the more it will benefit your business.

    George Anderson, MSW, BCD
    Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers

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