Ten Things we plan to do in September

In order to suceed in business or any type of professional practice, it is essential to have long term and short term measurable goals. If every person in the organization is aware of these goals, the chances for success is greatly ehnanced. Even if each goal is not acheived, movement towards the goal leaves you in a stronger position than you would have been without such goals.

For the month of September, we at Anderson & Anderson would like to use our current internet saturation to assist all of our Certified Anger Management Providers.

  1. Anderson & Anderson will add an additional link to the links section of our website for any provider who is willing to place a link with one of our marketing videos on your site. Relevant links are the key to search engine rankings.
  2. Every provider who writes a comment on any of our blog entries can expect a recprical comment on his or her blog.
  3. Any provder can copy any blog entry from either of the three Anderson & Anderson blogs and place them on his or her blog without changes.
  4. Anderson & Anderson will  place any of your blog entries on our blogs as long as the content is has some interest for the reader. i.e. not just an ad.
  5. Anderson & Anderson will place a two paragraph provider profule, with photo, written by you, the provider on one of our blogs during the month of September.
  6. Anderson & Anderson invites all of its providers and supporters to join our Linkedin network at www.linkedin.com. This is the largest professional networking organization in the world and an excellent source of business and professional help.
  7. Any provider who would like to boost his or her website rankings and daily hits, are invited to place one or all of our three marketing blogs on  your website or blog. These videoss are actually branding the Anderson & Anderson anger management model. Therefore, all providers benefit from the increasing public awareness of our model
  8. We plan to assist all of our providers in joining major anger managemen forums on the internet. Active involvement in forums is an excellent way to promote your blog, website, services and products.
  9. We will offer, 30 minutes of free consultation to all providers who join us in this September effort.
  10. At the end of September, we will publicize the success of all of the providers who participate in our September provider appreciation effort.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF


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