Anger Management/executive coaching for Abusive Bosses

 The subject of “bad” and/or abusive bosses was one of the topics featured on CNN today. ABC, NBC and NPR have all reviewed this topic in the recent past. The AFL-CIO Union even has organized a yearly contest on the “worst boss in the country”.

This year The Employment Alliance conducted a nationwide survey which revealed 44% of employees considered their bosses abusive. The Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation came to grips with a long standing problem with abusive physicians by establishing a definition of “disruptive physicians and requiring hospital Physician Well Being Committees to address this issue. Effective April 1, 2007, all hospitals in the United States were required to establish written policy to address the issue of “disruptive physicians. 

New York, New Jersey, California, Washington and Vermont are currently drafting legislation to define and address “abusive bosses” in the workplace. Since all of these measures are in the initial stages of development, little specifics are known at this time. There are however, some things which are clear. Employees are no longer willing to accept unchallenged, abusive behavior from managers, supervisors or from persons whose responsibilities are to lead others. Unions and other employee organizations are in the forefront in supporting the above proposed legislation regarding “abusive bosses”. 

Businesses are becoming aware of the performance and legal liability posed by “bad bosses” and is seeking assistance. Currently, it cost $750,000 to define one claim for violence in the workplace. Hospitals throughout the nation are contracting with Certified Anger Management Providers for Executive Coaching, Organizational Training and Anger Management classes as well as consultation. 

For a video graphic presentation of each of the three services mentioned above, click here:

 For a list of Certified Anger Management Providers, visit the websites,,, George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF 


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