Anderson & Anderson Upcoming Anger Management Certification Training Seminars

 Anderson & Anderson is the recognized leader in providing Certification for Anger Management Facilitators. Every month Anderson & Anderson provides anger management certification training seminars for individuals interested in providing anger management for court referrals, as well as employee referrals and self-referrals.

Our next training seminar takes place at the Hampton Inn, in Chicago, Illinois on October 23rd through the  25th. It will cover adolescent anger management, adult anger management, and executive coaching training. A fourth area, motivational interviewing, will be provided on CD-ROM and free of charge to those who attend all three days of training. With this training, you will receive forty hours of anger management certification. This meets one of the requirements needed to be placed on our Anger Management Court Referral List.

Please visit our website at, or call our main office at 310-207-3591 for more information.

Rasheed Ahmed

Anderson & Anderson

The Trusted Name of Anger Management


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