A Week at a Glance at Anderson & Anderson

During the week of September 22, 2007, George Anderson will participate in a conference call with a major IT company to discuss a Joint Venture relative to on-line training.

George will give verbal and written feedback to a Producer relative a movie on which George is the techinical consultant.

Three executive coaching clients will be seen by George at his Brentwood office. He will also participate in a PodCast for ESPN of Canada.

On Wednesday, George will meet with a Hollywood Production Company in which he will be co-producer and technical consultant on a planned sit-com.

On Thursday, George will discuss a proposed audio conference for physicians and nurses  with representatives from AHC Media. This conference will be presented in October for AHC Media.

On Friday, George will meet with his State Assemblyman to discuss legislation to provide standards for Certified Anger Management Providers in California.

At the offices of Anderson & Anderson, there is never a dull moment.

 George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF




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