Ten Myths about Anger Management

A person who has problems managing anger is mentally ill.

Fact: Anger is a normal human emotion which becomes a problem when it it too intense, lasts too long, occurs too frequently, damages interpersonal relationships, or leads to aggression o violence. 

Anger management is covered by Managed Health Care.

Fact: Since anger is not a mental or nervous disorder, it is not covered by helth insurance including Managed Health Care. 

Anger management is counseling or psychotherapy.

Fact: Anger management is neither counseling nor psychotherapy. Anger Management is a class which teaches skills in manging anger and stress while enhancing assertive communication and emotional intelligence. 

 Psychiatrists can perscribe medication to treat problems in managing anger.

Fact: Since anger is not an illness, it can not be treated by psychotropic medication. 

Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Couselors and Marriage Counselors are routinely trained to provide anger management.

Fact: None of the above professionals are required to take anger management neither in their professional training nor in their licensing exams. 

Anger management does not work.

Fact: Research from Canada, Australia, and the University of South Florida has demonstrated that anger management classes are effective when taught by facilitators training in anger management, stress management, emotional intelligence and assertive communication. Participants must be motivated to change in order to be successful in anger management classes. 

Anger management classes can teach participants how not to get angry.

Fact: Anger is a normal human emotion. The goals in anger management classes are to teach skills for managing unhealthy anger. 

People get angry because their buttons are pushed.

Fact: Anger is a secondary emotion which generally triggered by frustration, fatigue, stress or unfullfilled needs.  

Counting to ten backwards and deep breathing are the best solutions to controlling anger.

Fact: In order to learn to manage one’s anger, you must begin with an assessment to determine that person’s level of recognizing and managing anger, stress, typical styles of communication and the degree of empathy or emotional intelligene exhibited by the person in question. 

 All anger management curricula are created equal!

Fact: Only anger management curriculums which include assessments, workbooks, DVDs as well as Pre and Posts tests are effective.  

 George Anderson, BCD,CAMF




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