Anger Management-The Time Has Arrived


An article that I will soon post is titled by the book I’m presently writing, “The Code of Silence© 2007 Colbért B. Williams, Sr., MSW., LCSW, CAMF /Executive & Life Coaching, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.”  This tile and the issue of silence and secrecy is a salient and pervasive issue in many industries (Private and Government), professions, society and families, personal and professional interpersonal relationships.  A referral for Anger Management/Executive Coaching intervention is many times perceived as a “Shamed Based Stigma,” which further perpetuates and exacerbates the issues of silence, secrecy and Anger Management.

Very clearly, the time has arrived for Pro-Active Anger Management/Executive Coaching and Anger Management Organizational Training.  Executive & Life Coaching, Inc., has teamed up with Anderson & Anderson and presented a very dynamic multi-media presentation along with submitted proposals for Anger Management Organization Training Classes to major Corporations and Municipal Transportation Agencies throughout California. 

The timely article,  Interdepartmental Conflict: A Hidden Crisis in Hospitals,  authored by Mr. George Anderson, the national and international Expert and “Guru” of Anger Management and the founder of the nationally and internationally recognized and acclaimed, Anderson and Anderson Model of Anger Management, clearly highlights and addresses the aforementioned issues in one of the most prevalent and recognized industry in the United States of America.  The aforementioned article can be accessed and viewed on my website or Blogs.

Exercise “Due Diligence,” and call now; 866-726-7881.

Executive & Life Coaching, Inc.
“Sometimes you just need someone to listen . . .”

Colbért B. Williams, Sr., MSW., LCSW, CAMF – President
(Licensed Clinical Social Worker)-License No. LCS 18531

(Certified Anger Management Facilitator)
Executive Coach and Life Coach

Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management

Anderson & Anderson, The Trusted Name in Anger Management



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