November 20, 2007 Press Release from Day Break Counseling

In view of the press release below, this Los Angeles based Anderson & Anderson provider has been removed from our Court Approved Provider List.

All current and future clients should contact the court prior to enrolling in any of the new classes offered by this provider. 

Education Center Incorporates Evidence-Based Practices Within Anger Management Classes

Santa Monica, CA, November 20, 2007 –(– Daybreak Counseling Service, the leader in anger management education and anger management classes moves to incorporate evidence-based practices within its anger management course curriculum.

A growing amount of literature confirms that in addition to targeting specified behaviors such as aggression, drug use, alcohol abuse and other criminal behavior the criminogenic needs of offenders must be addressed. Although anger itself is not a crime it is often a present factor in crimes against another person such as battery, domestic violence, criminal threats and assault.

Most anger Management classes teach individuals how to manage stress, communicate effectively, and develop emotional intelligence but such classes do not address the motivation of clients especially if they are court ordered.

Individuals who exhibit chronic acts of anger and aggression often receive great rewards for their behavior. Such behavior may reinforce their status in their community and reinforces their own vision of themselves.

In an effort to manage anger, Daybreak Counseling Service addresses eight major risk factors for the clients.

1. Antisocial Attitudes
2. Antisocial Peers
3. Antisocial Personality
4. History of antisocial behavior
5. Family
6. Education/Employment
7. Substance Abuse

Daybreak Counseling Service does not provide psychotherapy but uses an educational model that manages anger. Through cognitive instruction rather than process groups clients can be made aware of the above risk factors that may prevent reduced aggression. Daybreak Counseling Service provides effective anger management courses by suggesting referrals to address multiple needs of the clients as well as providing an after care program to support the clients growth.


Contact Information
Daybreak Counseling Service
Shannon Munford M.A. MFT, CAMF

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