Anderson & Anderson® Trusted Name in Anger Management is Seeking an Office Manager

Position Title: Office Manager

Anderson & Anderson® has been offering anger management services for over seventeen years. We are the premier provider of anger management classes, certified anger management training, and Executive Coaching for physicians and high level executives. Our program is designed to address and teach skills in managing five areas in the lives of our clients: 1.) Anger, 2.) Stress Management, 3.) Assertive Communication, 4.) Emotional Intelligence (Empathy), and 5.) Motivation to Change. We are currently looking for someone who has the drive and motivation to assist in the continued growth of our company.


The Anderson & Anderson® office manager will be responsible for the following:

–Heavily marketing Anderson & Anderson® services and products on the internet with creativity and provided tools

–Contributing to the maintenance of the Anderson & Anderson web site, as well as the company’s multiple online resources

–Working closely with both our Company Director and President on time sensitive projects

–Handling the needs and interests of customers and clients who visit and call our office by phone

–Processing orders/payments we receive via the telephone and our online store

–Scheduling appointments and screening phone calls

–Scheduling and preparing live training seminars, as well as web-based seminars, with the assistance of the Program director

–Facilitating and/or co-facilitating an Anger Management Class*


Applicants must possess the following qualities:

–Customer service experience

–Willingness and ability to multitask

–Ability to work alone most of the time

–Excellent verbal and written communication skills

–Ability to ask questions

–A professional and positive attitude when dealing with clients

*Training for the facilitator duties will be provided by Anderson & Anderson®

Please fax resume to 310-207-6234 or send an email to


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