Anderson & Anderson® Organizational Training in Anger Management

This four-hour continuing education training is designed for Certified Anderson & Anderson® Anger Management Providers interested in offering Organizational training to businesses of various industries. On-site workshops or presentations regarding anger management, civility or emotional intelligence are now being requested by H.R. Managers nationwide for businesses of all sizes.

These organizational trainings can be offered in half-day or full-day formats.  Workshops are developed to meet the specific needs of the audience. Generally, each workshop will begin with the Conover Anger Management Assessment. This assessment is a Map, which provides a baseline of the participant’s level of functioning in recognizing and managing anger, stress, communication and emotional intelligence. A fifth category is ‘motivation to change’. Feedback regarding the results of this assessment is given in a group format while preserving confidentiality.

This training will include a formal presentation, active participant engagement, DVDs, role-play and shared discussion. A copy of the popular Anderson & Anderson workbook, “Gaining Control of Ourselves”, is included in all workshops along with “Tips for Managing Anger”.

The Anderson & Anderson® model of anger management/executive coaching is the most widely used anger management curriculum in the world. For a partial list of our client companies, visit our website at and click on Anderson & Anderson Partial Client List, which is located on the navigation bar at the top of the Home Page.

COST: $150.00
May 8, 2008
9am -1pm
Anderson & Anderson®
12301 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 418
Los Angeles, CA. 90025

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