Anger Management Presentation a Smashing Hit at Smith College

George Anderson’s presentation at the 90th Anniversity of The Smith College School for Social Work was the highlight of the three day conference. Anderson spoke contemparaneously about the Anderson & Anderson anger management curriculum. He explained the importance of defining anger management as a positive psychology class which teaches enhancement skills in recognizing anger, stress, assertive communication and emotional intelligence. He explained the importance of having Pre and Post Tests to determine the success or lack of success of each participant. Anderson outlined all of the components of the anger management intervention including: organizational anger management, anger management classes, executive coaching/anger management for physicians and other executives, civility training for attorneys, classes for divorcing couples, as well as anger management classes for human resource management referrals and court referrals.

Following this powerful presentation, George Anderson had an opportunity to meet and discuss his model with the Dean of the School of Social Work, Dr. Carolyn Jacobs, and Dr. Carol T. Christ, President of Smith College. Tentative plans are in the works for Anderson & Anderson to sponsor a Certification training in Los Angeles as a fund raiser for the Smith College for Social Work in December of 2008.

Nancy J. Anderson, M.A, MSW, BCD, CAMF


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