Anger Management Questions and Answers

Q. Are Anger Management Providers, who use the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management model to provide classes and services, trained and/or authorized to provide Executive Coaching/Anger Management for “disruptive physicians”?

A. No organization has the authority or the capacity to provide the trademarked Anderson & Anderson Executive Coaching/Anger Management for “disruptive physicians”.

Q. Is there a difference between anger management and domestic violence?

A. Yes, there is a difference. Domestic violence by law – both federal and state – is defined as violence which occurs in an intimate relationship. Anger management is a course for persons who have been involved in an aggressive action towards someone else or destruction of property.

Q. Can the Anderson & Anderson batterers’ intervention program be used for anger management?

A. No. It is only designed to address domestic violence which, by law, must relate to intimate relationships.

Q. If a court orders anger management classes and it is clear that the problem was domestic violence, what should we do?

A. It is not the responsibility of the provider of either batterers’ intervention or anger management to question a legal order of the court.

Q. Can a certified anger management facilitator offer batterers’ intervention classes?

A. No. In California, Penal Code 1203.091 determines the standard for all batterers’ programs in the state. It establishes the Probation Department in each California County as the agency responsible for approving and monitoring all batterers’ programs. Although Anderson & Anderson provides the training necessary for batterers’ intervention facilitators, the County determines whether a new facilitator or program can legally offer batterers’ intervention in that county.

Q. If I take the Certification Course in anger management, can I certify other providers?

A. No. You are only certified to provide anger management to adults and/or adolescents.

Q. How can I get my program listed on the Anderson & Anderson website?

A. You must first complete the 40-hour training. Then you must purchase the Conover Assessment and a minimum of twenty workbooks. You must then send in your listing information in an e-mail attachment.

Q. Is the Anderson & Anderson 40 hour Anger Management Facilitator Certification accepted in my state?

A. There are no state laws in any state regarding standards for anger management. To date, the Anderson & Anderson model has never been rejected anywhere. Please click here to see the states where we already have providers.

Q. Can providers place articles from the Anderson & Anderson website on their site?

A. Yes. As long as there are no changes in the content or authorship, you are free to place any of our articles on your site.

Q. How can a provider sell the Anderson & Anderson products on their site?

A. Any provider or non-provider with a functional website can purchase products from Anderson & Anderson at a 40% discount and sell these articles on their site. No returns are accepted.

Q. Is anger management Psychotherapy?

A.  No. Anger management is a class, which begins with an assessment. The Assessment is a Map, which is designed to determine the client’s level of functioning managing anger, stress, communication and empathy/emotional intelligence. The fifth category is motivation to change. Anger management classes teach skills in the four areas mentioned above.

Q. Can you bill my insurance company or managed care company for the cost of the anger management classes?

A. No. You can only bill for mental or nervous disorders. According to the American Psychiatric Association, anger is not a pathological condition. Rather, it is a lifestyle issue.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers
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