On-site JCAHO Consistent “Disruptive Physician” Programs Have Enormous Appeal

Hospitals, Physician Well-being committees and physicians are struggling to find appropriate programs that meet JCAHO standards for addressing “disruptive behavior” of physicians. Many of the best known programs only offer courses four times per year over a three or four day period. These programs only take in 6 to 8 clients four times per year. Unfortunately, a three or four day absence from surgical or specialist practices is extremely costly to the physician, the hospital, and the community at large. Flexible, on-site programs are increasing in popularity when time, travel and costs are considered.

In addition, physicians find it easier to master skill enhancement strategies when they are seen in an individual coaching format rather than in group, lecture or seminar type settings. One on one coaching provides complete focus on one participant at a time. Confidentially is also a frequent concern of mandated participants in group formats.

The Anderson & Anderson Executive Coaching/Anger Management Program™ for “disruptive physicians” offers its services on-site, or at a convenient location for the physician, anywhere in the nation. This is one of the most respected programs for physicians in the country. The assessment and intervention is offered over a two day, twelve hour period with a six month phone follow-up.

Anderson & Anderson® is the Preferred Provider for the Kaiser Permanente Health Maintenance Organization of Southern California. For more information, call our office at 310-207-3591 now.

Rasheed Ahmed
Office Manager
Anderson & Anderson®
Trusted Name in Anger Management
Ph: 310-207-3591
Fax: 310-207-6234
E-mail: greynotions@aol.com

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