Anderson & Anderson Will Reach Out To Providers of Anger Management

Over the next few weeks, the staff at Anderson & Anderson will reach out to the hundreds of providers of anger management who are on the Los Angeles County Anger Management Provider List and the State by State listing featured on our web site. The goal of this new campaign is to encourage providers to do more to gain new anger management referrals, whether they be from the courts, from private businesses, or self-referrals.

The U.S. economy is indeed suffering. However, the number of people who are being mandated by judges to take anger management in Los Angeles alone has skyrocketed. This is definitely related to the current condition of the economy. In fact, our office received a call from someone mandated to complete an anger management course. This person explained to us that “financial pressure” caused the problem that is related to the case. In light of the impending increase of anger management referrals nationwide, it is important that providers assume an active role in providing quality anger management services. Providers need to reach out to the courts to ensure that potential clients do not slip through the cracks, so that they can complete their anger management requirements in programs that aim to teach them the skills that are necessary for improvement.

Anderson & Anderson plans to reach out to providers. The first task will be to determine what we need to do to encourage providers to be proactive. We also would like honest feedback regarding our own customer service. Our office manager and interns will be in contact with providers from all over the United States to inquire about the success of their operations relative to their anger management services. We will also be sending out surveys to providers, requesting feedback regarding our customer service. We would like to know how providers have felt in their experiences with Anderson & Anderson. We welcome honest feedback. This will help us improve the quality of our services to providers and customers.

Please call our office if you have any questions or suggestions.

Rasheed Ahmed
Office Manager
Anderson & Anderson
Trusted Name in Anger Management
Ph: 310-207-3591
Fax: 310-207-6234

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