Anderson & Anderson creates anger management group on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest networking site on the internet. It has over 114 million members worldwide.

The Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Facilitators Group is the first professional group on LinkedIn that focuses on anger management. This group is designed to provide information on research, trends and developments in the world of anger management. The purpose behind creating this group is to develop a networking system for current anger management providers, those who might be interested in becoming anger management providers/facilitators, and professionals who might be looking for some advice that is related to anger management, psychology, social work, or business.

Membership is open to psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, probation officers, licensed professional counselors, substance abuse counselors and other
professionals interested in anger management intervention. Membership invitations have been sent to all Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Providers, as well as those who have been trained to offer the services (but are not currently on the Anderson & Anderson providers list) and those who have visited Anderson & Anderson web site. As anger management becomes a nationwide and, eventually, worldwide phenomenon, it is important that key people and organizations involved in the practice create networks that will increase the relevance and prominence of intervention.

Anderson & Anderson will continue its anger management campaign strategy by reporting its activities relative to this campaign, as well as any significant events that have taken place as a result of this networking strategy.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF, CEAP
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers
Anderson & Anderson®, The Trusted Name in Anger Management


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