Anger Management Services as a Major Income Stream for Non-profits

One of the best-kept secrets among non-profit social service agencies, substance abuse programs and after school programs for at risk-youths is the value of anger management classes as an added income stream.

During the current recession, many non-profit organizations nationwide are struggling to avoid staff layoffs, agency closures and/or a reduction in services offered. Many of these agencies are discovering that anger management and domestic violence classes can provide enough income to support other agency initiatives while providing an additional revenue stream.

Case Examples:

Mr. Frank Morales, M.A. received his certification in anger management (CAMF) in 1998. His agency, Family Services Center of Huntsville, Alabama is now the major provider of anger management for adolescents and adults, batterers’ intervention and anger management assessments for divorcing couples in Alabama. These programs are responsible for 40% of the Agency’s annual gross income.

El Centro de Libertad is the largest provider of Substance Abuse Services in Northern California. Under the skillful direction of CEO George Borg, this agency is one of the first non-profit Substance Abuse Organizations to recognize the need to diversify its services. During the early 1990’s, Mr. Borg incorporated anger management and domestic violence batterer’s intervention into its contracted services. El Centro de Libertad is now considered the premier agency for these services in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties of the state of California. Most of the company’s revenue results from them providing these services.

The current need for Certified Anger Management and Domestic Violence Facilitators far exceeds the availability of trained providers of these services. Therefore, organizations that incorporate these services experience a dramatic increase in their bottom-line.

For information on Certification in anger management or Batterers’ Intervention, please contact Rasheed Ahmed at 310-207-3591, or visit our website at

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF

Anger Management Guru


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