Incivility/Disruptive Behavior is an Epidemic Among Attorneys

Work related stress and the down economy is having a devastating impact on the practice of law in the United States. A number states, including Illinois and Utah, have already mandated civility training for attorneys who demonstrate unprofessional conduct in relation to clients, colleagues or the courts.

Many law practices throughout the nation are providing Organizational Anger Management Training for all of their professional staff with the goal of proactively reducing the potential for workplace aggression or hostile work environments.

Executive Coaching/Anger Management is the intervention of choice for attorneys whose anger meets the criteria of incivility or unhealthy/problematic anger. When any of the following behaviors appear in interpersonal relationships with others in the work environment, incivility needs to be addressed:

  1. The anger is too intense
  2. The anger occurs too frequently
  3. The anger lasts too long
  4. The anger is person-directed
  5. The anger leads to health problems
  6. The anger damages interpersonal relationships
  7. The anger results in aggression or violence

Executive Coaching/Anger Management works best when it is provided on-site over a 12 hour, two day period with a 6 month follow-up via phone on an as needed or bi-monthly basis.

Professional Executive Coaching/Anger Management must begin with a comprehensive non-psychiatric assessment. Such an assessment must be designed to determine the client’s level of functioning in recognizing and managing stress, recognizing and managing anger, primary and secondary styles of communication and the degree or level of emotional intelligence.

The coaching should provide skill enhancement for any or all of the issues above in which the client scores in the deficit range. Post-tests should be conducted three months and six months after the initial in-person sessions.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF, CEAP
Diplomat, American Association of Anger Management Providers
Anderson & Anderson®, The Trusted Name in Anger Management


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