New 40 hours Anger Management CD Facilitator Training

Anderson & Anderson, Trusted Name in Anger Management, is proud to present its 40 hour anger management CD-ROM based training for purchase. The Anderson & Anderson curriculum focuses on four areas of functioning: assertive communication, anger management, stress management, and emotional intelligence.

This package can train up to four people to become Certified Anger Management Facilitators. It costs $797.00 and includes three CD-ROMS for the following areas: Adolescent and Adult Anger Management (CD 1), Training for Individual Coaching (CD 2), and Motivational Interviewing (CD 3). This package also includes four copies of the following workbooks: the adolescent workbook, the adult workbook, the Anderson & Anderson suggested guide for anger management, and the necessary tests that need to be completed and sent back to our office for certification.

By purchasing this package, you will receive a complimentary copy of our Interactive CD-ROM, “Tips for Managing Anger”. Call our office at 310-207-3591 to take advantage of this offer.

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