“Do it now” is An Effective Strategy for Success in Small Businesses

Many years ago, I received a call from a Fortune 500 company asking if I could evaluate one of their Los Angeles based employees who was experiencing a psychiatric emergency. At that time, I was the owner of a Psychiatric Clinic in Los Angeles. I saw the patient, had the patient seen by my Psychiatrist tested by my Psychologist and personally driven by me to the hospital for admission.

 Within hours, I faxed a ten page report to the person who made the referral. The following morning, I received a call from the director of benefits for this International Company asking if I wanted a preferred provider contract to provide mental health and substance services for this organization in twelve western states at a cost of $500,000 per year.

 While I no longer own the Psychiatric Clinic, I continue to distinguish my firm by offering the best possible services based on the wishes or needs of the client. A variation of this strategy has resulted in my becoming the major provider of Executive Coaching/Anger Management for “disruptive physicians”.  In contrast to my two University based competitors who offer these services in small groups of eight physicians at these respective Universities four times each year, my firm, Anderson & Anderson offers individual coaching for physicians on-site seven days per week anywhere in the United States.

 I am currently orienting a new General Manager, Lekdan Takspa for my company and we have decided to use this slogan “do in now” to remind ourselves to meet the needs of our customers promptly with the utmost attention to their needs or wishes.

 George Anderson

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