Anger Management Guru, George Anderson, Exposes Fraudulent On-line Programs

George Anderson and his firm, Anderson & Anderson, is the recognized leader in Executive Coaching/Anger Management worldwide. The Anderson & Anderson anger management curriculum is the most widely used model in the world.

According to Mr. Anderson, untrained, self-certified anger management providers dominate the Internet with worthless on-line classes that are designed solely for monetary gain. Many Hospitals, Physicians, Judges and HR Managers are frequently duped into accepting anger management completion certificates from these unscrupulous providers.

There is no such thing as an “Approved On-line Anger Management Class”. The three most marketed programs on the Internet are all located in Orange County, California. None of these programs have offices, staff or legitimacy. Instead, they use paid P.O. box addresses, a cell phone, and a computer.

Unfortunately, there are currently no laws anywhere in the United States that regulate these bogus programs. Consumers are urged to carefully scrutinize the legitimacy of programs that can be completed in 30 minutes for as little as $40.

Lekdan Takspa
Office Manager
Anderson & Anderson
Trusted Name in Anger Management

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