Texas Department of Criminal Justice Accepts the Anderson & Anderson Batterer’s Certification for Facilitators

On September 16, Mr. Eduardo Montiel Family Violence Intervention Program Specialist informed Mr. George Anderson CEO of Anderson & Anderson, that effective immediately 37 hours of the Anderson & Anderson required Batterers Facilitator Certification training offered by Anderson & Anderson will be accepted in the state of Texas for persons applying to provide Batterers Intervention in the state of Texas.

 The California mandated batterers’ intervention training is the most comprehensive in the nation. The Anderson & Anderson Curriculum is the only published curriculum that is consistent with California law (P.C. 1203.097 & 098).

Since the Anderson model incorporates the Power & Control as well as the Equality Wheels form the Duluth Domestic Violence Intervention Project, this training is accepted worldwide. The Anderson & Anderson companion workbooks are published in Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, English and Chinese. This curriculum is language and culturally specific with content on “cross cultural domestic violence counseling”. Currently, this curriculum is accepted in all California counties and is the second most widely used curriculum in the world.

Lekdan Takspa




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