Anderson & Anderson Promote Co-Sponsorship Program

Los Angeles, California, September 23rd 2009-

Anderson & Anderson, the world leaders in Anger Management, now opens its door to all organizations, schools, and business entities to work as Co-Sponsors, providing them with benefits such as: recognition in the market,  maximum exposure,  and free seats during training days.

  Benefits provided to the Co-Sponsors:

  • Two FREE seats for each day of training ($1000.00) based on the organization’s guarantee of 20 persons per day.
  • Total elimination of travel and per diem expense
  • Acknowledgement of the organization on all marketing brochures and web page announcements related to the event.
  • Recognition as a leader in state of the art anger management Certification Training.

Provisions arranged by the Co-Sponsors:

  •  A training facility for 30 students/attendees.
  • Notification of the surrounding mental health professionals, substance abuse professionals, schools, colleges, probation departments and group homes.
  • Some Audio/Video equipment needed for training.

The Anderson & Anderson® Anger Management Certification Training is now the industry standard and is recognized worldwide. This model is now used by Fortune 500 Companies, schools, jails, prisons, and colleges. You or your organization can add anger management to your areas of specialization and lower training cost by co-sponsoring training in your city.


Lekdan Takspa,

General Manager

Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C

Trusted name in Anger Management      

Phone: 310-207-3591

Fax: 310-207-6234

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