Anderson & Anderson curriculum to be translated into Chinese

Mr. George Anderson CEO, Founder of Anderson & Anderson was recently invited by Mrs. Rebecca Chuen of the Asian Youth Center, to discuss tapping the Asian American market, as well as the Asian community worldwide by working together and using the Anderson & Anderson model.

In an effort to reach a broader audience, Anderson & Anderson is collaborating with the Asian Youth Center (San Gabriel, California) to serve the Asian American Community locally, and to further  the globalization of the Anderson model of Anger Management for Adults and Adolescents. Based on evidence of a rising need for these services in the Asian American community, the Asian Youth Center will be permitted to translate the Anderson & Anderson Curriculum into Chinese. .

Rebecca Chuen, who serves as the Program coordinator of the Asian Youth Center, recently received her certification as an Anger Management Facilitator from Anderson & Anderson. Upon seeing how powerful the Anderson & Anderson model is, and how it can benefit the community she serves, Ms. Chuen took advantage of the opportunity her live training presented to personally discuss the proposition of working together with Mr. George Anderson in meeting the needs of the underserved Asian American community. 

The key persons involved it this process are Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. May To and Ms. Michelle Freridge, Youth Program Director.


Lekdan Takspa,

General Manager

Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C

Trusted name in Anger Management      

Phone: 310-207-3591

Fax: 310-207-6234

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