Emotional Intelligence, The Most Effective Intervention for Executives

High level executives rarely need help in leadership skill enhancement. Nor are they deficient in team development, decision making, commitment ethic or time management. The fact that these executives have achieved their current status is an indication of their proven leadership skills. All of the above skills are key elements in effective organizational leadership.

What is generally lacking in most Executive Coaching programs for attorneys, physicians, and corporative Vice Presidents, are accurate assessments needed to determine the level of executive clients’ functioning in a wide range of emotional intelligence skills that are essential for the maintenance of high morale and a spirit of goal achievement in the workplace.

Included below is a list of the main tools useful for executives in maximizing the performance of employees in any organization:

·Interpersonal Assertion
·Stress Management
·Self-control/anger management
·Effective Communication/listening skills
·Relationship Management

A careful review of the emotional intelligence skills listed above demonstrates that there is nothing here to suggest mental illness, substance abuse or psychiatric impairment. Rather, all of the above behaviors are learned and responsive to change. Therefore, for motivated participants, skill enhancement can be improved in all emotional intelligence areas with specific strategies designed for skill enhancement.

Executive Coaching Programs based on Emotional Intelligence always begin with a series of comprehensive Emotional Intelligence assessments to determine the clients’ current level of functioning in these areas. Emotional Intelligence Assessments are followed by skill enhancement coaching to address categories in which the participant scored in the need to improve range. Post Assessments are conducted following the Coaching. This is essential both for the executive client, the coach and the client organization.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching for Executives is available on-site anywhere in the United States or at the Los Angeles office of Anderson & Anderson, APC. Anderson & Anderson is the industry standard in Executive Coaching/emotional intelligence for physicians and high profile clients nationwide.

George Anderson, BCD, LCSW
Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C.
Trusted Name in Anger Management


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