Drug Rehab Programs Becoming Instant Experts on “disruptive physician behavior”

On January 1, 2009, the Joint Commission on The Accreditation of Health Care Organizations implemented its new policy on “disruptive physicians”. This policy mandates intervention for physicians whose behavior at work is demeaning, condescending, aggressive, arrogant or indicative of a need for anger management/emotional intelligence.

In the absence of intervention standards for this new category (disruptive physicians), a cottage industry including inpatient drug rehab programs have suddenly sprung up to provide treatment/intervention for unsuspecting physicians who are mandated to seek assistance in addressing this important issue.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs have defined ”disruptive physicians” as rageaholics and have determined that they suffer from addition to anger, and therefore need the same type of inpatient substance abuse treatment as any other addiction. There is no precedence for a thirty day inpatient program to treat a nonexistent disorder, rageaholism.

The DSM IV (diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental and Nervous Disorders) does not list either anger or rage as pathological conditions. Rather, anger is considered by the American Psychiatric Association as a life style issue and not reponsive to psychiatric treatment. This fraudulent action by national rehab programs should be protested by all Physician Well-Being staff as well as mental health and substance abuse professionals.

George Anderson
Anderson & Anderson




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