Anderson & Anderson provider Mr. Frank Morales in action.

Frank Morales of the Family Services Center In Huntsville, Alabama has recently become a regular contributer to a local morning show called Cooper and Company. His role will be that of the anger management/conflict resolution specialist. He will appear at least once a month in this capacity. Recently their was an incident that made national news concerning a University Of Alabama at Huntsville professor shooting six of her fellow professors/department coworkers, killing three and wounding three. Mr. Morales talked about that incident and some of the things we need to look at to become more aware of issues leading to workplace violence.
Mr. Morales has been certified in the Anderson & Anderson model since 2003. He has also completed the Anderson & Anderson Organizational Training course. Mr Morales is state certified to teach domestic violence in Alabama and is both civil and divorce mediation trained. Mr Morales has a Masters degree from Alabama A & M in Counseling Psychology.

Takspa Lekdan, MBA, CAMF

Anderson & Anderson, A.P.C


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