The Public’s Use of Anger Management is Increasing Nationwide

Generally, when we think of anger management we tend to think of aggressive males who are physically violent and, as a result are mandated to attend anger management classes by Court Order as a result of person or property directed violence or aggression. In reality, most clients of Anger Management Programs are mandated to attend anger management by their workplace Human Resource Managers. HR Referrals are related to the prevention of workplace violence. The second most common referral source of anger management clients is actually from spouses or significant others who are concerned over their partners’ lack of empathy or poor communication skills or verbally aggressive behavior.

Finally, there is now a dramatic increase of volunteer referrals from persons, such as parents, who have become aware that they often exhibit a lack of patience, lack of empathy, assertive communication, poor stress management skills or a lack of competence in creating win win situations in interpersonal relationships.

The current trend in anger management referrals is primarily related to the public’s recognition of the need and value of opportunities for skill enhancement in self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, relationship management, assertive communication, stress management, empathy and anger management. The current focus of most anger management programs in the U.S. are actually base on emotional intelligence.

All of these programs are non–psychiatric and include Pre and Post Test, client workbooks, DVDs, Videos as well as a wide variety of skill building exercises. Generally, these courses are
provided individually or in small groups.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF


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