Angry Physicians Tend To Score Low in Emotional Self-Awareness

Emotional Self-Awareness is the degree to which you are able to notice your feelings, label them and connect them to their source.Emotions are feelings or “gut level” instincts or reactions, unlike thoughts, they are not cognitive but are sensed or experienced. Feelings do not follow rules of logic. Persons who have problems in self-control which is one of the four domains of Emotional Intelligence, are limited in their ability to recognize their feelings and identify where they come from and respect their significance.Self-Awareness allows you to use emotions as valuable sources of insight about yourself, others and the events and situations around you. It is the first domain of Emotional Intelligence.Executive Coaching/Anger Management Models of intervention for “disruptive physicians’ and executives use Pre and Post EQ assessments with each participant.A survey of 50 executive coaching clients were selected at random from Anderson & Anderson client records. 40 of these clients scored in the deficit range which suggests that their EQ ability is compromised or need enhancement and may prove difficult to use without concentrate efforts.7 participants scored in the vulnerable range which means that they demonstrate some skills and competencies, but often run into difficulty using EQ in their day to day lives.3 participants scored in the proficient range which means that they demonstrate steady, balanced EQ effectiveness. None of these participants scored in the optimal range.


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