Organizational Anger Management: A Proactive Approach to Disruptive Behavior

County Medical Associations and Physician Well-Being Committees nationwide are endorsing Organizational Anger Management Training for Physician groups to stem the tide of “disruptive behavior.” While group interventions cannot substitute for individual assessment and physician coaching, it can be used in conjunction with or prior to Executive Coaching/Anger Management for “disruptive physicians” and physicians who are at-risk.

Organizational Anger Management can be designed as an introduction to Emotional Intelligence for Anger Management or as an intensive eight- hour class. Introductory classes are often for one to four hours and offered on-site. Such training offers the participants an opportunity to find out their level of competency in recognizing and managing anger, recognizing and managing stress, primary and secondary styles of communication and empathy or emotional intelligence. A final category is the degree of interest or motivation to change.

The degree of success in Organizational Anger Management is directly dependant on the participants’ commitment to practice the enhancement skills and exercises that are contained in the Practice of Control, the client workbook that each participant will receive at the beginning of this one-day training. In addition to the Pre-Test which is given before the training, Post-Tests can be administered at three and six month intervals following this training to determine the impact of the training.

In conclusion, Organizational Anger Management is a promising new intervention that is an investment in Physician Well-Being rather than a cost. George Anderson Anderson & Anderson 310-207-3591


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