Ron Artest: The Poster Boy for Anger Management

After the incredible Laker win over the Boston Celtics, Ron Artest thanked his anger management therapist for his success in controlling his behavior on and offer the court during his brief stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

This is the same Ron Artest whose professional career was almost ended by his inability to demonstrate self-control. In addition to aggression and violence on the court, Ron was arrested at least twice for person-directed violence against his wife.

The good news is that Ron finally accepted the need for professional help and actively participated in developing skill enhancement skills in recognizing and managing anger, recognizing and managing stress,improving assertive communication and increasing empathy and emotional intelligence.

If anger management needed a poster boy it is Ron Artest. Hopefully, he will serve as a role model for other sports figures like Baseball Great Milton Bradley who is still lacking in Emotional Self-Aware and Self-Control.

George Anderson, LCSW, BCD

Anderson & Anderson, Executive Coaching/Anger Management


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