Dear Colleagues,

Here is a quick summary of new developments, and general information regarding what is happening at Anderson & Anderson:

1).We have listed both continuing education classes and our New Executive Coach Certification on our website at

2).Please take advantage of this opportunity to complete your continuing education now rather than being pressed for time and money in December.

3).Join our free Anger Management Resource Directory and begin marketing your program on the Internet at

4).Join the American Association of Anger Management Providers at Membership gives you a whole page to market you practice.

5).Visit Linkedin, the giant Social Media Business website and join one or all of the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Groups.

6).Visit and join the Anger Management forum and begin writing and responding to post.

***Everyone who purchases $500 or more in services or products including continuing education or CDs will receive a free Anger Management Polo Shirt with the Logo from the movie, “Anger Management.” This is fun way to market our work. *** Please feel free to contact us if we can in any way help you is marketing your website. Thanks.

George Anderson
Anderson & Anderson


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