Excitement Is In The Air At Anderson & Anderson

We are enormously pleased with several new developments in Anger Management and the Anderson & Anderson Curriculum.       

  • The Anderson & Anderson Affiliate Program is paying big dividends for those who are signed up to market our programs and services. If you have a functional website, please visit our On-line store and signup. You will receive 30% of all sales made through your website.         
  • Sixteen CEUs are required for all Anderson & Anderson Certified Anger Management Facilitators each year. Providers who do not fulfill this requirement will be removed from our provider list as of January, 2011. Please visit our site and sign up for one or two of our scheduled live classes or purchase Home Study classes from our online store.         
  •   Our blogs are now the largest producer of hits to our website. Therefore, we urge you to link up to our website from your blog. If you do not have a blog, do yourself a favor and create a free blog through Word Press. Do not worry about content right away-we have hundreds of past posts that you may use. Please take advantage of all of this free marketing material! 

Below is our most-recent blog entry. It’s a great post to either add to, or start your own new blog: 

Beautiful Brentwood Residents Are Making Anger Management Cool!

 One of the best kept secrets and newest trends among the beautiful trend setters of Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Bel Air, CA is Anger Management Coaching provided in a confidential one on one coaching format.

Wives, partners and significant others are requesting that their mates take advantage of Emotional Intelligence based Anger Management Coaching to increase empathy and assertive, rather than aggressive communication, while learning to manage anger and stress.  Parents of college students and teenagers are also funding anger management for their offspring. 

Suddenly, Anger Management Coaching is becoming a badge of stature among those considered members of the popular “IN” crowd. The real key to this new popularity appears to be the value of Emotional Intelligence in increasing one’s well-being and interpersonal skills.  

George Anderson, MSW, CAMF

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