What’s New In Anger Management

Forget about court mandated defendants dominating anger management groups. Forget about most anger management  being offered in a small group format. Certified Anger Management Facilitators throughout the U.S. are reporting a remarkably different client population.

Lets take a look at the changing client population of trained anger management providers:

1). Caucasian males who are college graduates are seeking assistance at the request of their significant others.

2). Teenage girls and boys are voluntarily seeking anger management to enhance communication skills and emotional intelligence. They want to be more popular.

3). Psychologists and Psychiatrists are referring their clients for specific help in managing stress and anger.

4). Family law court attorneys and judges are referring clients who are in bitter divorce disputes.

5). Artists agents are referring their celebrity clients for assistance in increasing their emotional intelligence.

The most noticeable change is the move from groups to individual coaching for skill enhancement in emotional intelligence.


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