How to Earn $12,000 Per Month for Twelve Hours of Work

Certified Anger Management Facilitators can easily earn $12,000 per month by woking two hours on Tuesdays, two hours on Thursdays and eight hours on Saturdays.  Any service which can be provided in a group format is automatically more profitable than services provided on an individual basis.

Currently, Anger Management is more likely to be offered in groups than in individual sessions. Below is the formula for earning $12,000 per month part-time by teaching anger management for mandated Human Resources and Court referrals or voluntary anger management classes for adults and adolescents:

  1. Enroll in and complete a 40-hour Anger Management Facilitator Training Program in person or on-line.
  2. Carefully, study the two client workbooks as well as the Suggested Guide for Facilitators and related training material.
  3. Purchase all of the ancillary DVDs, CDs, Videos, Posters and other training material for use in providing interesting and effective anger management classes.
  4. Select a Hotel such as Holiday Inn and arrange to rent a conference room for two hours on Tuesdays, two hours on Thursdays and eight hours on Saturdays.
  5. Establish a simple, active website with a blog.
  6. Respond quickly to all telephone contacts.
  7. Join and participate in as many Social Networking Sites as possible. Linked in, Facebook and Topix are essential.
  8. List your website on The Anger Management Resource Directory as well as
  9. Arrange with your local bank to accept all of the major credit cards.
  10. Avoid low fees and free services.
  11. Always use CAMF after your name.
  12. Make it clear in all of your printed material that the Anger Management Curriculum which you use is “Evidenced Based,” which means that each client will receive a Pre and Post test.

If you charge a modest fee or $25 per session/hour, you can expect to get $75 for the assessment and $35 for the client workbook. This means if you have only ten clients per group, you will earn in excess of $250 per hour which will equal $3000 per week and over $12,000. Additional income will also be received from the profit on the assessments and client workbooks.

Visit the Anderson & Anderson website at for more information.


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