Anger First Aid

When the limbic system is running amok and your body is surging with adrenaline, you need a simple strategy to deal with anger.

Anger First Aid consist of three simple steps to apply whenever you become angry in order to keep from acting our destructively.

Self-Awareness: The true way to measure our ability to understand, respond to and manage our emotions is to assess the role anger plays in our life. Do we get angry ofter? Is our anger channeled in productive or counter-productive ways? Do we direct our anger towards others? Do we direct our anger at ourselves?

Anger is a natural response to a stressful stimulus. At times,it can be a powerful survival tool–designed to help us stay alive–or a source of energy.

Anger accelerates our thoughts to a more rapid rate. For short durations, this is healthy. However, remaining is a state of anger for a sustained period of time is physically and emotionally unhealthy.

When we are angry,we make poor decisions. We become confrontational with those around us. At home, this can translate to either verbally or physically abusive behavior toward those we love. In the workplace, it can take the form of threatening subordinate, bullying colleagues, and/or lashing out against superiors.

Anger in not a primary emotion. If you are angry, there is a direct cause. Therefore, to control hour anger you must identify the root of the cause. You must agnate in self-assessment.

The Three Steps of Anger First Aid

  1. RRecognize that you feel angry.
  2. Take a cleansing breath.
  3. Tak a break, a “time-out” or a “cool-down.:



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