Anger Management: A Lucrative Niche Market For Coaches, Counselors And Psychotherapists

Anger management is increasingly becoming one of the most sought after interventions worldwide. Anderson & Anderson receives requests daily from Human Resource Managers, Organizational Development Specialists, Employee Assistance Professionals as well as University Dean of Students requesting referral resources for their client populations.

As cut backs and downsizing occur in an environment of terrorist fears, employees, faculties and students are responding with fear, anxiety, depression and anger. These feelings often lead to anger, tension or conflict in the workplace, home or educational environment.

For businesses, the concern over workplace aggression, violence, sick day usage, absenteeism, work performance, hostile workplace litigation, and productivity has caused a heightened sensitivity of the need to seek solutions to these problems.

Voluntary and mandatory anger management coaching, organizational anger management as well as executive coaching is rapidly becoming the intervention of choice for all of these problems in interpersonal relationships.

In colleges and Universities, there is an increase in tensions between student and faculty, faculty and faculty as well as between students. Traditional counseling and psychotherapy is inappropriate, expensive, time consuming and ineffective.

Since anger is not a mental or nervous disorder, psychotherapy is inappropriate and has simply not worked. Consequently, major universities are routinely making referrals to Anderson & Anderson® Certified Anger Management Facilitators (CAMF) nationwide.

Another major source of requests for Organizational Anger Management training and material is the Criminal Justice system. Probation departments, courts, jails and prisons are using anger management to teach skills in managing aggression and violence as well as increasing empathy.

The Canadian Bureau of Prisons has demonstrated in fifteen years of research that incarcerated defendants who are taught how to manage stress and anger using a cognitive behavior approach with client workbooks show an 83% success rate. These skills are maintained when defendants are returned to their home communities. This longitudinal study reinforces the effectiveness of anger management.

The California State Board of Corrections has approved the Anderson & Anderson® curricula, training and client workbooks for use in jails, prisons as well as parole and probation departments in California.

Anderson & Anderson is currently in negotiating with the United States Marine Corp. to training providing in the use of this curriculum for all U.S. Marine Corp. Bases Worldwide.

Bermuda, Cayman Islands, California. Arizona, Texas, Kansas and Nevada have also adopted this curriculum for use in its Corrections Departments. Client workbooks are now available in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese.

Be Oltra, Next Generation is the Anderson & Anderson affiliate in Italy. Be Oltra provided Italian language dubbing for the Sony movie, Anger Management. In addition, they are offering anger management to Universities, prisons and businesses in Italy with considerable success.

Anger Management providers who are trained in the Anderson & Anderson® curriculum and actually use the client workbooks can reasonably expect to receive referrals. Part-time Certified Anger Management providers offering two hours of classes on Tue, Thursday and 8 hours of classes on Saturday can easily earn $4,000.00 per month with little overhead.

To enroll in our On-line 40-hour Anger Management Facilitator Certification Training, click here: For information on our live training in Los Angeles, Houston, Oakland, San Diego and Atlanta, click here

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