Tips For Promoting Your Blog On The Internet

I do not claim to be all that sophisticated regarding Internet technology nor how blogs work. However, I have three very successful blogs that bring loads of traffic to my main website. Therefore, I would like to share my experience with my colleagues in mental health, private psychotherapy practice, executive coaching and anger management.

If you have not yet developed your blog, I suggest that you consider wordpress that, in my opinion is one of the easiest for a non- technical person and one that connects with linked in. Ideally, you should incorporate your blog with you website making it easier for both the blog and the website to feed each other.

The key success in blog saturation is to post as frequently as possible with information that is of interest to the reader. Blogs are an excellent platform for demonstrating your expertise in your specialization or product offerings.

George Anderson, that’s me, and my firm, Anderson & Anderson specialize in Anger Management Certification, Executive Coaching for “disruptive physicians”, anger management books, posters, DVDs, CDs and ancillary training products.

If you google any of the keywords, you will see how we have been able to use all of the blog directories and search engines to keep our ranking high in all of the related Internet sites. You may also visit my main blog at and how our blog is being used.

Below are three sites which I have found useful for blog promotion”

For those of you looking for exceptional IT service that handles website design or technical support issues, I would like to recommend RC Support to you. You can visit their website at


George Anderson, BCD





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