Certified Anger Management Facilitator Training Is Hot!

The Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Facilitator Certification has been expanded to include two additional days of training on Saturday and Sunday in Oakland. Anger Management Guru is taking this training on a road tour which will include Oakland, Fresno, San Diego, Houston and Atlanta.

Non-profits lead the way in adding Anger Management as a new stream of income. California has cut funding for many non-profit social services agencies through out the state. Anger Management is the most realistic income stream for programs offering services to at risk youth as well as workplace stress and violence.

Take a look at who is seeking Certified Anger Management Facilitator (CAMF) training:

  • Youth Counselors, Substance Abuse Counselors, School Counselors, LCSWs, MFTs, Psy. Ds and Private Practice Psychotherapists.
  • Non profits with contracts sit Alameda County Probation Department.
  • State Parole Department Contractors who provide Reentry Programs.
  • Proposition 39 Substance Abuse Programs.
  • After School Programs for at risk youth.
  • Anger Management Programs as an alternative to school suspension for person directed aggression.
Enrollment trends for Atlanta and San Diego are trending in the direction of being over subscribed. Anger Management that is evidenced based is clearly one of the most sought after training for profit centers nationwide.
George Anderson, CAMF

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