Anderson & Anderson, APC to bring in a dynamic new team with a new perspective


Bryan Anderson shakes up the conservative, staid business
practices in operation at the family business for the last forty-two years.


After shadowing dad, George and observing the day to day
operations of the practice for two months, here are some of the changes which Bryan has or will be

  • The
    current website will be replaced with an interactive, client/customer
    friendly site that will showcase all of the services and products offered
    by Anderson & Anderson.
  • Jairo
    Wong from the Lawndale Office will assume responsibility for all invoicing
    and processing on-line transactions as well as shipping.
  • An
    experienced Office Manager will incorporate the latest in Social Media business
    practices to maintain maximum contact with all providers while increasing
    the exposure of anger management services and products on the Internet.
  • George
    Anderson will begin offering marketing tips as well as the latest
    innovations in enhancing the effectiveness of teaching techniques for
    Anderson & Anderson Certified Facilitators.
  • Our
    continuing education offerings will increase to include more DVDs as well
    as on-line and live trainings from our expanded Faculty.
  • Anderson
    & Anderson will coordinate a Viral Internet Marketing that will
    include all interested providers.
  • MSW
    grads and college students are being recruited to fill Intern positions
    focusing on Internet Marketing.

Stay tuned a dramatic increase of the Anderson &
Anderson’s presence on the Internet!


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