Anger Management Classes Should Be An EAP Benefit


Anger Management, Like Stress Management, Should Be An Employee Assistance  Benefit

As a former Employee Assistance Provider, I have many years of experience providing stress management for employees including many Fortune 500 Companies. For many years, stress has been recognized as a problem that impacts employee morale, sick day usage, attendance and work performance.

Critical Incidence Debriefing was introduced in the 1980’s to deal with crisis in the workplace with good results. Even before stress and CID, substance abuse was a company benefit and a major focus of Employee Assistance Programs.

Since anger is a secondary emotion, it is often preceded by stress, anxiety, depression or fear. Following the attacks of 9/11, the entire world was made vulnerable to an increase in unhealthy anger and workplace conflicts.

It is now time for EAPs to advocate for anger management intervention as a benefit for all employees. Anger management is not the same as violence prevention programs. Anger management is or should be classes that teach skills in managing anger, stress, improving communication and enhancing emotional intelligence.

George Anderson, CAMF



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