Emotional Intelligence for business performance

Anderson & Anderson are pleased to offer organizational training courses in leadership, empathy, stress management, self-awareness, self-control, communication and emotional intelligence. Our training courses are developed with and delivered by subject matter experts in the emotional intelligence areas mentioned above.

Recent studies conducted by the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations suggests the economic value added by training and development geared toward improving emotional intelligence in the workplace increases organizational effectiveness. The focus of future businesses will be on developing a good company, where ethics, leadership, civility and morale are the driving forces behind products, services, ROI, and profit.

The Anderson & Anderson curriculum is customized  to meet your needs using industry and company specific examples and organizational terminology. Such courses may be tailored for HR professionals in your company to improve their effectiveness in dealing with employees.  We may provide your company with group training in anger management, stress management, customer service, leadership, and communications. Based on our professional experience, training is most effective with groups of 6 to 25 people. Anderson & Anderson deliver specialized training in any of the areas above, at your location.

Services Offered:

  • On-Site Trainings: 2, 4 and 8-hour trainings for      employees. Topics include: Anger, stress, communication, and emotional      intelligence.
  • Executive Coaching/Anger Management: With a focus on interpersonal      relationships, empathy, communication, decision making, stress tolerance      and emotional intelligence. We currently provide these services for a      number of Fortune 500 Companies as well as major hospital chains. Coaching      can be provided in our provider offices or on location nationwide.
  • Accelerated Anger Management Classes for Managers, Executives and Line Staff: Personalized 8-10 hour programs with client workbooks for fast results. Pre and Post Bar On EQ-i-Emotional Intelligence Assessments are included.
  • Anger Management Classes for employees: Classes for employees who exhibit evidence of stress, anger or inappropriate aggression at work. Studies have shown that aggression and violence in the workplace increases absenteeism, reduces productivity, lowers morale and increases a company’s liability.

For a partial list of our clients, visit our website: http://www.andersonservices.com/client_list.html


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