Concierge Coaching for Anger Management/Emotional Intelligence

George and Nancy Anderson along with son Bryan have decided to borrow a page from medicine and offer a Concierge approach to Coaching at our Corporate Office’s in Brentwood. Beginning January 3, all of our services will be offered on an individual coaching bases seven days a week.

Lets take a look at the new services:

  • ¬†We will no longer offer anger management groups at our Brentwood location.
  • All clients will receive the BarOn EQ 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment on-line prior to the first coaching session.
  • The first two hours of each coaching program will be devoted to interpreting/debriefing the BarOn Assessment and developing an action plan for skill enhancement.
  • Rather than hourly sessions, two three or four hours can be scheduled for each coaching session.
  • All of our Coaches are trained at the Masters Degree level.
  • Appointments can be scheduled on a short notice.
  • Assessment, book and training material Cost: $200.
  • Hourly fees for anger management or emotional intelligence coaching: $95.
  • Coaching for “disruptive physicians” in Brentwood: $4900 includes assessments, 12 hours of in-person coaching and 6 months of aftercare.
  • On site Coaching for “disruptive physicians”: $5900 plus per diem, ground and air travel and hotel accommodations. Six months of aftercare coaching via phone.
  • Click here to download a sample of the BarOn Assessment:

All fees are paid in advance. No charge for reports.

George Anderson



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