Fraudulent On-line Anger Management Classes are cheap and worthless

Certificates used by on-line Anger Management classes to show proof of completion fail to state that the courses were taken on-line. This strategy is designed to manipulate the client and the legal system to the benefit of illegitimate anger management providers.

Southern California leads the nation in providing “fraudulent” Anger Management Completion Certificates for $25 with no questions asked. Judges and Prosecutors based on the limited amount of court time for each misdemeanor case are giving credit for these so called “courses” without verifying the legitimacy of the courses or the providers.

The California State Superior Court is one of the first courts in the nation to require that all providers of anger management must complete a 40-hour Anger Management Facilitator Certification Training followed by 16 hours of continuing education on a yearly basis. Further, each CAMF, Certified Anger Management Facilitator must use client workbooks and a Pre and Post Test for each client.

Prosecutors and other court officers should question the legitimacy of all anger management courses and providers nationwide. The American Association of Anger Management has decided to contact all criminal courts In each state with a list of fraudulent on-line anger management providers. The National Association of Social Workers will be asked to join us in advocating against on-line anger management classes.

George Anderson


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