2012 Is Shaping Up To Be An Incredible Year For Anger Management

In less than one month, orders for anger management books, DVDs, CDs, Live and On-line Training, Posters and other ancillary training material have increased dramatically. In addition, there is something else happening relative to the increase in professionalism and marketing prowess.

Here are some of the interesting new developments:

  • Co-sponsored trainings are being planned for Oakland, Houston and Atlanta as well as Sacramento.
  • Interest in membership in the American Association Of Anger Management Providers has experienced an increased ┬áin membership requests along with voluntary interest in advocacy.
  • Free marketing sites such as The Anger Management Resource Directory is offering free listings for any and all Anger Management Providers. This site is owned by Anderson & Anderson and is heavily marketed on the Internet.
  • George Anderson has joined 50 groups on LInked in including marketing, anger management , emotional intelligence and coaching groups. We heavily market the practice of anger management on these sites.
  • The popularity of the new Bar On EQ 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment that is now the official assessment instrument for all Anderson & Anderson Facilitators is proving to be a real incentive for clients to invest in Anger Management Coaching.

As a courtesy to the professional anger management community, Anderson & Anderson has decided to devote one day each week to Tips on Marketing Anger Mangement Classes.

George Anderson

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