Bar On Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Training for Counselors, Facilitators and Psychotherapists

In recognition of the tremendous need to enhance the intervention options of Anger Management, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Professionals, Anderson & Anderson, APC has decided to present a series of CEU approved trainings designed to offer Emotional Intelligence concepts for Private Mental Health Practice.

These trainings will be held live and On-line throughout the nation. The first 8 -hour live training will be held in Los Angeles at the Offices of Anderson & Anderson on April 28,  2012, 8AM–5PM.

Participation will be limited to ten experienced professionals. Each participant will receive an invitation to complete the Comprehensive Bar On EQ 2.0 Assessment On-line prior to the course. One person will be invited to receive an assessment bebriefing/feedback and a Coaching Action Plan as a demonstration of this powerful instrument.

Dr. Adele Zaki, U.S. and Canadian Board Certified Surgeon will share his personal experience with the Bar On EQ 2.0 Assessment, The Practice of Control Physician Client Workbook as well as the Anderson & Anderson Contrasting Wheels of Behavior Quick Reference Guide to Emotional Intelligence.

This interactive training will demonstrate many uses of Emotional Intelligence for expanding your private practice areas of specializations.

Each Participant will receive the Bar On EQ 2.0 Assessment, The EQEdge, by Steven J. Stein and Howard E. Book, Contrasting Wheels of Behavior and a copy of The Practice of Control by George Anderson.

Cost: $300.00


George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF

Certified Bar On EQ 2-0 Provider

Rene Sandevar, BSW, CAMF

Certified Bar On EQ 2.0 Provider

Adele Zaki, MD.

General Surgeon, Board Certified in the U.S. and Canada

Call 310-207-3591 to enroll.


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